Sunday, February 5, 2012

snow days!

Finally, after weeks and weeks and weeks of temperatures in the -30's (sometimes much colder when the wind blew) a nice, big, fat blizzard rolled in this weekend.  The storm brought a welcome foot of snow (nothing compared to what other places in Alaska have been getting) and some temps in the high 20's, which feel balmy, and lovely.
It's been weeks since Sadie has been able to play outside, so even though the wind was blowing, she was one happy little snow bunny! Especially helping her dad shovel snow and Chasing cash.
The chickens ventured out of their coop to strut around in the snow while Loren gave them a new bed of straw.  Even with the extra heat source in the chicken tractor, this winter has been really hard on them.   You can see in the picture that a couple of the hens frostbit the tops of their combs.  Last week I went to check on the chickens before bed and found that somehow Rex had managed to get his feet wet and they were like two blocks of ice.  He got a week of convalescence in the bathtub, and even though Loren kept book marking my Joy of Cooking to the "Coc au Vin" recipe he managed to make a surprising recovery.  Loren was super nice and soaked his feet in epsom salts and put bag balm on them regularly--all the while bitching that, "we should be eating this damn rooster!"  When the temp finally went up yesterday, he went back in the coop--much to everyone's relief.  A bathtub is no place for a rooster.  Frankly, I'm amazed that chickens can even survive in this climate--it is a true testimony to their hardiness.

I hope the kinder weather will hold for a while--I think we could all use a break from being housebound. It would be nice to get out and enjoy the lengthening days with some sledding or skiing, to be sure.


  1. glad to hear rex recovered! i also can't believe they can survive up there, heat source or not.

    love the pics of sadie in the goggles! so cute! wish we had more of the white stuff. it comes and disappears in a day. not much fun!

  2. We love, love, love the goggle pictures! They are already up on our Grandchildren-refrig-bulletin-board. - And we have a hard time imagining Loren keeping a (live) rooster in the tub for that long! :) Points to you, Son!

  3. I've just discovered your blog, via Tundra Gypsy, and I was going to be all sneaky and just have a read, but I HAD to comment on your amazing, snow-chickens! I read somewhere recently that chickens hate walking on ice...maybe snow is not the same though. Those photos are fantastic though.

    My 'girls' send a warm(ish) Australian "cluck cluck cluck" to you and yours.