Wednesday, February 8, 2012

eat your colors.

They say you should eat a rainbow in fruits and vegetables everyday.  Sometimes that is hard for us to do on Wednesdays because we are usually down to the dregs of our CSA box--and of course there isn't a piece of fruit to be found in the house.  By some happy accident today we had some lovely colorful produce leftover, so I made a bastardized Nome version of the Malaysian dish "Gado-Gado."

Ours featured a bed of hearty brown rice topped with
lightly steamed purple cabbage
& green snow peas
fresh orange carrots,
green spinach
& red tomatoes
and a hard-boiled egg.
To add an extra element of delicious we topped the whole thing with a creamy home-made peanut sauce.
mmmmm.....sooooo good.  I extra love that Sadie will totally chow this kind of food, especially if there is sauce involved-- Girl loves her some sauce!

And just to counteract this marvelous healthy dinner I am totally baking a real-deal New York Cheesecake as I type this.  I got the recipe over at the Smitten Kitchen. I figured since she is a New-Yorker that should give her some kitchen cred in the cheesecake department, plus, every recipe I have tried off of that blog has been awesome so far.

So I guess the moral of the story is... eat your rainbow, and then you can have a slice of cheesecake ;)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I've enjoyed following smitten kitchen for years. Her recipes never fail me!