Thursday, February 28, 2013

half a year

I has been six months  since Elias has graced our family with his winsome baby self.  In half a year Eli has grown to be 23 lbs, and 30" long.  Major milestones this month are sitting unassisted, almost learning to crawl, and growing two toofers--which he decided to do the day we left for Hawaii (literally) which made for a fussy & very long flight for mom.  Eli's interests this month: splashing, yelling, growling and being involved--somehow--in whatever Sadie is doing.  He also likes to be in his Ergo carrier a lot.  Once at that height he  uses his lightening fast reflexes and long reach to grab and throw things off the counters and other reachable surfaces.  He loves anything loud and exciting (aka cousin Killian).  He does not love sitting still.  Eli has tasted a few solid foods this month, none of which have pleased his discerning palate except for caribou.  Good thing dad's going hunting for some more of those next week; I get the feeling that by the time this kid turns one he will be able to eat a whole one by himself. I can hardly believe that half a year has already gone by--it is an every-day kind of wonder to get to know this small human and to treasure these moments and milestones, each and every one because man, do they go by fast.
 We love you so Mr. Baby

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a little bit of cousins

I've been sorely neglecting the blog lately, but can you blame me with this kind of adorability (can that be a word? It should in this case) to distract me:

seriously.... is that not the most baby cuteness that ever did grace a fish box?
And let's not fail to mention the sunshine and sandy shores of Oahu.  Thanks sister, for moving to a place that makes family reunions double as tropical vacations!  It was the most fun, and a real treat, to reunite--or just unite--these adorable, squishy cousins.  And the big(er) cousins, weeeellll.....they played hard, and drove each other a little nutso, but that's just how it goes, and at the end of the day, there was a lot of love to go around.
And that's what's best about family, right?  No matter how many awkward timeouts you get put in, you still love each other like crazy cakes.