Thursday, September 29, 2011

more pictures from the big city.

Sadie also got to have a short visit with her other great grandma, Louise.  She was a little shy at first, but warmed up after a while.  How lucky is this girl to have so many great grandparents around?

Another fun visit... Sadie's cousins Dimitri (10 months) and Casey (almost 1!) 2010 was apparently the year of the baby in the Prosser fam.  Not attending this play date was the other almost-1-year-old cousin Denis, but he has a good excuse since he lives in Norway.

This was Sadie's first time meeting Casey.  What a cutie:)

 Three one-ish year-olds in the same room, doing what 1-year-olds do best: getting into stuff.
 Sadie has decided her new mode of transportation is running.  And she does it with gusto, and with her arms back...for extra speed?
 Listening (intently) to a bird singing.  The birds make different sounds down in south central.
Happy tot.
and now I promise to stop posting gratuitous family pictures for awhile.  I actually have a bunch of craft stuff to put up, just need a minute to put it all together and take pictures.  
loves to you all, 
xoxo Tara

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  1. gratuitous family photos? these are delightful, poignant, evocative and great fun. stuff of LIFE! Thank you for sharing them.