Tuesday, September 27, 2011


This weekend our fam took a trip to the big city.  Dad got to go catch fish, mom got to go to the dentist, and for some fun shopping excursions with Sadie's grandma Caroline, and Sadie Mai got to hang out at бабка Sophie's house.  Sophie is Sadie's great grandma, and she is pretty great.  Sadie thinks so too. 
Like usual, Sophie cooked up a storm, and everything was delish.  Sadie not only enjoyed eating all of her own food, but also all of Sophie's.  She did offer to share, at least.
 These two are kindred spirits.  Adventurous, joyful about life and not afraid to be a little silly.  Think 88 is too old to play anymore?  You need to meet this бабушка. 
And play they did.  Sophie's house is full of all kinds of pretties and treasures from near and afar.  I think Sadie was quite taken with it, especially this family of wooden elephants. 
But to be certain, the greatest treasure in the whole house is Great Grandma Sophie.

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  1. A wonderful tribute. We are truly blessed to be a part of her family! - Caroline