Saturday, August 6, 2011

out in the country.

Its been a fun week.  My little brother Gabe is visiting Nome.
Okay, so he's not really that little, but he is visiting Nome for real, and since he's never been here we have been adventuring out in the country... Mostly with my friend Sarah here who has had about enough of Gabe trying to stow away in her backpack.  Today we hiked out to Dorothy Falls, which is one of my favorite treks around these parts.
pretty, huh?
We have been stuck inside the last few days with some abysmally dreary weather, so when the sun peeped out today we knew we had to get out of town.
And it was mostly nice.  Even though it rained on us a little, Sadie stayed snug in the ergo, the dogs ran free across the tundra and no bears were encountered (and we were happy about that). 
 The worst thing that happened today was Gabe's acute case of soggy socks, which, while uncomfortable, rarely ends up in tragedy during the summer months:)
 To cheer himself up, Gabe took an iphone photo boquet for his lady love back in Southeast 
(so sweet I almost want to throw up a little-lol!)
Look at this poor little guy.  August already and he is just barely getting his bloom on. 
I guess better late than never.
Who do you think lives here?  Maybe an Ishigok. Gabe took this one... I really like it.
Today I just feel so thankful to live in a place and season that is incredibly beautiful, and to have good friends and family to share it with.  Really, what more can a girl ask for?


  1. love the pics; especially of the waterfall and then of the mountains. i have nome on my ipod weather app thing and it is by far the most crazy cold summer weather of any other city i've got in there. is it like that every summer or are you having an especially cold one this year?

  2. Oh man, we are having el crappo summer here. It has been October weather in July, and August is shaping up that way too. sigh:(

  3. thanks for the sharing the pics... i love dorothy falls too and i'm sure missing the tundra.