Monday, August 8, 2011

Sadie's one-year-old stats, one month late.

Since everything else seems to be running a month late around here... the salmonberries, the salmon, summer... here is what we learned at Sadie's one-year-old well child visit today:
The Numbers:
  1. Sadie weighs 25lbs.  That means that she did a good job of growing, gaining 15 lbs since she was born last July.
  2. She is 32.5 inches tall, which puts her off the growth curve in height for girls her age--but I guess she has  a little of the tallness in her genes. 
  3. She is in the 50th percentile of weight-for-length--which means her growing up and out are coinciding with each other in a happy way.
  4. She has 8 front teeth, and her molars just starting to come in now.
  5. She says about 15 words now, many of which are only discernible to her dad and me.
  6. She uses sign language for milk, more, bath, and thank you
  7. She is a heroic consumer of blueberries (and all other berries)
More importantly to me, Sadie's joie de vivre is off the charts, as is her silliness and fun factor. She is a loving, sweet, chattery little girl, and we just do love her exponentially.


  1. 8. She's a Super Star

    She is starting to look more like you and less like Loren.

  2. love it! blaine loves all berries too!