Wednesday, June 1, 2011

These shoes were made for walkin'

I have a new obsession. It all started when I went to find a pair of shoes for my fledgling walker. I was digging through my hand-me-down box and found a couple of cute pairs of shoes, but they had big old clumpy soles (they were like mini grown- up shoes) and while they looked adorable when I put them on Sadie, all she did was trip all over them. Enter one very old beat up pair of Robeez. These ones worked good, but they were on their last leg (metaphorically and literally). A quick Internet search informed me that buying these shoes new is NOT CHEAP. So I decided to make my own. I made a pair for Sadie and they were so fun that I had to make another, then get the picture.

The little moccasins are my I need to make another pair for miss Sadie.
I am working on a tutorial that I will post soon...just waiting to get our computer back. Posting lots of pics from the iPad isn't a very stream-lined process.

Here is Sadie in her shoes, drinking a blueberry smoothie to go. Sorry about the blurry- but it's hard to get my favorite photography subject to stand still these days!


  1. those shoes are amazingly awesome! you are so talented!!


  2. so cute tara... tundra toes.. i love it! are you selling them at bearing song?