Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's a jungle in here.

Dios mio. The plants are taking over the living room, and the dining room, and any other usable window space. The greenhouse and raised beds will be ready this week, so the crucifers, squash and other veggies will soon have a new home, but what am I going to do about these 40 tomato plants? (they aren't ever happy in the greenhouse, it's a little to chilly in there)

I guess they will just live in the house with us, and that's fine with me as long as they are making tomatoes.

I am especially excited about my flowers this year. The calendula already have buds! Call me weird, but I love the potent medicinal smell of calendula, and they just look so hearty and robust.

It sure is nice to come home to some green living things. Hawaii was so lush, and even though the weather is lovely here, it is a little early for everything to be good and green yet. If you look really close you can see some signs of spring on the tundra, but it is still very subtle. Unlike these beefy summer squash. Nothing subtle about those. Booyah!

Can you tell I'm excited about my garden this year? I'm also excited about 5 feathered, egg-laying ladies who are about to join our menagerie tomorrow... More about that soon....


  1. welcome home! cant wait to follow along your garden and chicken adventures! we have 57 chickens in our garage right now waiting for it to be warm enough to move outside....


  2. Good thing you are all vacationed up! Missy Mischief, dogs 'n chickens and a garden in transition...this will keep you busy for a while. What are you going to do with 40 tomato plants? can you cover in a space on the deck?
    We started with 16 tomato plants, lost 1/2 to tobacco mosaic virus (don't allow cigarette rolling around your tomato plants) Then we were were bailed out by a friend who gave us 6 plants. The original few are blooming like crazy and begging for 50 degree night temps to set fruit. Can't wait to share our garden with you when you come. You should see the strawberry blossoms!

  3. Exciting! We are plant crazy around here too. Adelaide is a perfect little gardner and loves to plant and eat her veggies. You should write more about gardening in Alaska - I would love to hear more of how you guys garden up there. : )