Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10 months

Look at this big girl:

Sadie 10 months

That's right... We're off and walking all over the place. I think the final push to really start walking has been hanging out with cousin killian (seen here imitating Sadie who just woke up from her nap) Sadie has a little ways to go though before she can move like said cousin;) Also working on a whole bunch of new sounds, especially "ffffffff" as in flower. Sadie loves flowers. Good thing this whole house is surrounded by plumeria. It smells like I imagine heaven would.

Sadie 10 months

Ffffffff flower.

Sadie 10 m

Another ffffffffavorite: eating sand.

Sadie beach

And best of all, fffffffamily.


We sure do love you little 10-month-old girl. looking forward to many more beautiful family vacations together, weather that be the sunny shores of Hawaii, the misty moors of Ireland, or our own beautiful Alaskan back yard. You light up our lives wherever we go.



  1. She is getting so big! Isn't it amazing how much they grow in one year! You all look beautiful! Glad you are all doing well and have escaped into some warm sunshine.

  2. she is getting SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BIG!!!!!! congrats on the walking!!! how long until you go back to alaska?? if i was you, i'd call to verify the snow has melted before embarking on the journey home. ;) j/kidding! enjoy!! :)

  3. Oh! Precious baby with plumeria!! does it get any better? Your photos are stunning, Tara.
    Thank you so much for capturing the sweetness on film.