Friday, June 3, 2011


Today was one of those days. A one nap day with a sick kiddo who is miserable, clingy and insists on helping you unload the dishwasher, turning a 15 minute job into a 45 minute one. By five I needed to get out of the house so bad that I stuck Sadie in the ergo and walked to the store. On the way home she coughed so hard that she threw up, then choked on it, resulting in an awkward, but effective, baby heimlich maneuver on the street corner. When we got home I decided to make a cheese quesadilla since Loren was gone on a work trip and I figured that AT LEAST I wouldn't have to fus with dinner. But while my quesadilla was cooking Sadie dumped the dogs' water dish out, and while I was mopping that up, my quesadilla burned, setting off every effing smoke alarm in our house. When I finally sat down with my cold dinner I decided to pour me a glass of wine, after all, it was one of those days. I ran back to the kitchen to get a fork, only to hear the shattering of a crystal drinking glass...and there stands Sadie in a puddle of red wine and glass shards by the side of the table-- kid's getting quite a reach. Thank god she had shoes on. So I had to put her in her crib ( screaming her head off) in the other room while I cleaned that up. So yeah, like I said...omg. If this is how it's gonna be I think this stay-at-home mom is gonna ask for a raise. Yeeeeeeeesh.

But dad's home, baby is bathed and my three bears are sound asleep, so I am going to relish some of that rare quiet time:)


  1. POOOOOR! what a day. i've so been definitely deserve a break. way to go mama. hope sadie is feeling better!

  2. LOL, I am sorry to laugh...I feel your pain! We all have these days and sometimes the best you can do is go to bed because tomorrow is ALWAYS a new day : ) Love you