Monday, June 6, 2011

M.I.Y. Monday: Challah

I have long been an admirer of these beautiful braided loaves in bakeries and cookbooks, so I thought I would give this recipe a try. While I am not Jewish, nor is it the Sabbath, I do appreciate the symbolism and history baked into this bread.  It is good to remember that even in the hardest times Heaven does provide us with manna... although it might not be exactly what we were expecting.

This last week has been hella stressful for me with a sick, but somehow still wild and crazy baby, a to-do list that seems to grow by three items for every item that gets checked off, and several upcoming trips that are going to make checking items off said to-do list even more difficult. I needed to slow down and do something restorative, and baking this Challah was a little bit of manna for my soul. Do you know what is even better than re-centering yourself by baking a beautiful loaf of bread?

The fact that it's really, really yummy!


  1. we make that bread a lot and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!


  2. Yum! Hope you are starting to feel better. Where are your next travels to?

  3. That's funny basebell... I can't believe I've never tried this bread till now. It is wonderful! I guess I was always a little intimidated because I thought it would be intricate and time consuming, but it isn't at all.

    Erin- we have several trips planned--one to Homer for a rotary thing LP is doing, and one to Anchorage for a Prosser fam thing, and then Sadie and I are going down to Southeast for a couple of weeks to visit my family (I'm pretty excited for that--my mom hasn't seen Sadie since Thanksgiving, so she is pretty overdue for some grandma time:)

  4. Grandma is soooo looking forward to grandma time. Grandpa too! When you come you'll get to eat my sprouted wheat bread. It's not Ezekiel nor is it Dave's Killer bread but it's definitely some of the best eating bread I've ever made. With July sockey and sweet strawberries and lots of fresh salad greens...We're going to start attempting to kid-proof the place. No small task for a place where something is always under construction. Can't wait to see you!