Thursday, June 9, 2011

early summer

This week I am lucky enough to be taking a photography/ photoshop class with this amazing photographer, who happens to be visiting Nome. He is making us all go through growing pains by shooting our cameras in pure manual mode... no cheating.  We spent a couple hours out in the field tonight, and here is some of what my camera captured:

sky patrol
summer candle
sweet sparrow
This last one is my favorite.  I actually didn't alter it at all, so it is a the original photo.  I like it because it invokes the way early summer feels to me. It kind of goes by in a blur, but if you just stop to take a breath, there it is... so delicate and beautiful that it makes you just want to scoop some up and hide it in your pocket so you can have it again on a February day when it is -30. 


  1. Great pictures Tara, the't make a nice set framed together on your wall : )
    Also been meaning to tell you that I LOVE LOVE the little mocs you are making...we should talk on Sunday : )