Wednesday, February 23, 2011

warm storm.

 We have been having some blizzards this week.  Today's blizzard is brought to you by winds of 50+ miles per hour and an air temperature of 37.  It is gusty, melty, and miserable. 

In am crossing my fingers that this bad boy blows over before noon tomorrow so we can fly out to the big city.  I am in desperate need of a chiropractor and a theraputic massage.  Plus, it might be nice to break up the winter monotony.  So here's hopin... and here are a few pictures of our wintery week.
The path home is guarded by a fierce and unrelenting hyper and extremely silly guard dog.

This was 3 days ago, during a COLD storm.

This is how tall the drift in the back yard is.  I can make a snow angel by just leaning backwards!
King of the shovel = king of my heart.

Sadie has been staying in... practicing her twinkle toe skills:)


  1. Argghh! Snow! You have it much worse there, props to LP and all the shoveling he has to do, I am sorry I ever even complained. And Sadie, your breaking my heart smalls, I can't wait to see you again pretty girl!