Saturday, February 26, 2011

stuck inside of nomeville with the tempest blues again...

 Blerg... mother nature puked on us this week with every kind of ugly weather you can imagine.  I guess we kind of deserved that after the whole "oopsies! we just opened a cavernous hole in the ocean floor and spilled millions of barrels of oil into the ocean" incident earlier this year.  I'm sorry mother nature.  Humans are the worst sometimes, but please don't take it out on the Alaskans and the Kiwis.  We love you!  If you must seek revenge, please open a bottomless rift and swallow Gadaffi and his heartless regime.

So here we are in the aftermath of blizzard number... ah, whose counting anymore. After 3 days of 50 mile an hour winds, grounded flights, and freezing rain the snow has worked itself into cement like substance which means my plan of digging a dog-proof mote around the perimeter of the fence so our hounds don't go skipping down Front Street every time we let them outside is officially foiled. And now it is getting cold again. Too cold to dig a mote anyway--tonight it is supposed to get down to -45 with the wind chill.  And look at this:

 The storm moved a big surge of water in and pushed up all these pressure ridges in the sea ice.  You can see them all along the coast--it is kind of a reminder that there is indeed an ocean under there. 

I am feeling cooped up and ready for spring.  We are trying to keep ourselves sane by staying busy, but its hard these days. The dogs are bored shitless.  Actually, I take that back.  Regardless of the level of boredom they experience they seem to produce plenty of aforementioned substance.  Nope, they are just cooped up and restless, and well....

Thank goodness it was "whatever's in the fridge pizza friday"  Tonight's combo of goat cheese, shriveled mushrooms, kalmata olives, sundried tomato and fresh basil was excellent.  And a cold brew to wash it all down, ahhh.......

And Sadie, well today she crawled over to the book shelf, pulled herself up to standing and pulled down a book, quite pleased with herself. You can see in the picture that she is clapping...
YAY!!!! Iditarod is coming soon.  Sadie is just excited because she likes the night life--lets not kid ourselves here.


  1. I was wondering how supplies are getting to Nome with all the extreme weather. Poor Cash! Thankfully, you are wonderously inventive and ingenious to cope with enforced enclosure. YAY! Sadie! Grandma and grandpa LOVE you!

  2. LMAO...nice moves cash!

    And Sadie, my dear sweet chubs, you are the best...clap away girl, clap away! Be sure to give your mom a break every now and then so she feels like clapping too ; )

  3. crazy crazy weather!!!! loved the pics

  4. I feel so cheated that I missed the perfect storm. Ahh, maybe next time. I was thinking I might talk Lynn into coming with me to pay you a visit soon. We need some baby magic to brighten our days.