Friday, February 18, 2011

seven months

a busy collage for a busy baby

Whew! Gotta type this fast, because we're busy today.  And by "we" I mean Sadie.  Sadie is moving out of human grub stage and transforming into a MMU (mobile, mess-making unit). 

This month Sadie grew her two top teeth, which brings us up to 4 teeth total. She is doing really well on solids.  She hardly ever complains about what's for dinner, unless you count smearing your food over the table/chair/self/dogs as complaining.  We don't.

Gone are the days of staying put.  Sadie has learned to crawl.  Not just talking about army crawl, we're talking about "turn your back for a second and Sadie is in the dog bed with Cash chewing on the rawhide crawl."  She is getting quick. Along those same lines she is climbing up EVERYTHING to practice standing.  She even goes for moving targets, like mom and dads legs in the kitchen while we're trying to cook dinner, or Cash.  This month she has also learned to high five, and in the last few days she has started clapping.  So cute.

This kiddo is also babbling up a storm.  She says "mama, baba, mmmmmm, da, and bear" The latter seems to be a catch all for anything furry, which includes her teddy, Cash, Toby, and also the very-bearded Loren. She is extra chatty in the morning when she first wakes up.  This morning I was trying to get her to say "Cash" and when I said it she started looking all around off the bed for him.  It was sweet, and confirms that she is associating words with their corresponding objects, which is pretty cool. It also means that mom and dad are going to have to watch what we say now.  

In spite of the new-found chaos of having a mobile baby, we just couldn't be happier with this little Sadie bug.  She fills our home with so much joy and sweetness.  There is just nothing better than the happy laughter and toothy grins of a seven-month old.


  1. awwh, happy 7 months sadie!!!!! no teeth here and no clapping or high 5ing, but everything else i totally echo!

  2. Sweet determination! Thanks for sharing moments via web as the days pass. Can't wait to hang out with y'all.