Wednesday, January 19, 2011

stop the insanity, please.

With a title like that I could be referencing any number of things in my life at the moment--the hassle of dealing with our insurance company, my attempt at mucking out the pottery studio at NWC, the static electricity in our house... but no. I am talking about a very specific type of insanity.  This:

I have been seriously needing to get into a workout routine.... and you would think that as a stay at home mom I would have tons of time to hit the gym, right? wrong.  Between Loren's crazy work and volunteer schedule, and my starting teaching night classes again this month I just don't see that happening.  For me, working out  on a regular basis is more realistic if I can do it at the same time every day. So I needed something I could do at home, while baby naps, or not.  My sister recommended this to me, and it so happened that some of our friends here in the Nome had a copy they didn't mind lending out.

This program starts with a fitness test, to see where you are at.  I guess I am at level "doing this workout makes me want to throw up and then go lay down on my nice, soft bed." Or, to quote Kung-Fu-Panda, "There is now a level zero."

Of course, now I want to stick it out for the sixty day challenge.  In spite of it totally kicking my butt, it was really pretty funny to jump around the living room for half an hour.  Cash was prancing all around and trying to attack my feet like he does, and Sadie was just staring at me with these big eyes, like..."mom's gone crazy!"  I guess that's why they call it insanity.

p.s. Ana.  I talked to mom tonight and she says you aren't doing yours.  So you better get ON that girl! We can be long-distance work-out buddies.


  1. I have this vision of you and Ana Skyping doing the videos at the same time so you KNOW she is doing them and you can help each other out. ;o)

  2. hey, that is a pretty good idea Brittany! Maybe I'll mention that to Ana. :)

  3. Hmmm...let me think, I say no to the skype idea ; )

    This post made me "LOL" alot. I thought it was all too funny that someone was so eager to lend you their copy of these fitness dvds as the person that gave me theirs didn't seem too sad to part with it either. Perhaps that was out first sign of the insanity that was to come.

    I think I will start back again tomorrow, at level zero again I'm sure, but we all have to start somewhere to achieve awesomeness, isn't that right work-out buddy? ; )