Tuesday, January 18, 2011

six months.

Sadie the six-month-old is all about the snuggles and smiles!
and since we are being alliterative today... lets add sitting (got that in the bag) screeching (kid has a set of pipes like Robert Plant), snatching (anything within reach) and squash, because that is her new favorite food.
Here is what she has been up to this month:
Showing off her new tooths.
 Snuggling with Murry Bear.
(named after the character from Flight of the Concords)
  Thanks aunt Sarah!  Sadie has selected this mild-mannered teddy as her go-to for nap time snuggling.  She stares at him and giggles;  its really pretty hilarious.

Helping dad with the laundry.  (that was ALL folded to start with)

Snuggling with the pups--she likes to pet their fur and and talk to them.
Taking naps with this blankie that Great Grandma Sophie crocheted.

It has just the right number of holes for little fingers and toes to nest in.


  1. awwhh, those pics are SOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE!! love the new teeth!! happy 6 months, twin!! :)