Friday, January 10, 2014


Check out the blaze on that there birthday cake!  Actually, I feel like I haven't aged a bit this year.  Literally, because through some mathematical miscalculations I actually thought I turned thirty-three last January. All year I've been thinking I was thirty-three, and telling people so. Therefore, today when I actually did turn thirty-three it was no big thang. Besides, I've always loved my double-digit years. 

And what a perfect birthday it was.  Loren gave me the day to do whatever I fancied.  After a delicious Sadie & Dad prepared breakfast, and a sort-of sleep in (Sadie kept coming in the room and waking me up by telling me NOT to come in the kitchen because there was a big surprise happening in there) I got to go on a date with my favorite spa buddy for a mani-pedi.
 It was just so nice to have some mother-daughter time.  I can tell that Sadie has really been craving some one-on-one time which is hard to do these days with Eli, aka "mama-velcro boy."  It was a fine thing to get to give this little girl some of my undivided attention.  And also a fine thing to snuggle up that aforementioned little boy when I got home.

Later, after a beautiful walk in the snowy dusk, I came home to a warm house, full of people I love.
And an amazing dinner cooked by Loren...
All day I felt loved and pampered by my peeps. I can't even imagine a nicer way to ring in my thirty-third year.  If this day was any indication of what's to come it's probably going to be one of the best years yet.


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    2. Thanks Sarah! Enjoying all the beautiful stuff over on your blog this year!

  2. Happy birthday! I love that you thought you already WERE 33! I never know how old I am anymore either, lol. Sounds like you had a great bday!