Tuesday, January 14, 2014


This week was mitten sewing week.  Because when it comes to children you can never have too much patience, or too many mittens in January.  I started by sewing Eli a pair of mittens from an upcycled wool sweater with some pretty trim.  Then I sewed Sadie a pair from a different sweater (which I thought was cool) but they didn't pass muster.  First, they looked too different from Eli's, then the strings inside bothered her (note to self: felted fairisle = no good for the tactile sensitive child.) After much tears, and exasperation on my part... I let Sadie pick out her own trim and wool--which I should have just done in the first place.  This is what she picked.
I used a pattern from an Oliver + S sewing book I have.  It's really quick and easy, and perfect for felted wool.  As a surprise I decided to applique a fairy on a pink t-shirt to go with them. For my girl who loves pink, and fairies.
This applique is just a cut out of some amazing Alexander Henry fabric I found here.
Isn't it sweet?  I actually bought a bunch of it to sew a duvet cover for Sadie's new big-girl bed.  
There's something good for the soul about bright colors in January.  And all this pink has me garden dreaming of things like this:
 and this...
and this...
ah.... summer.  It'll come around again, but till it does
there's lots of sitting by warm fires, and knitting  to be done.
and of course, pouring through seed catalogs with a hot cup of coffee in hand.

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  1. Loved this post! All very inspiring! Lovely mittens and sweater.