Sunday, December 15, 2013

raindrops and cedar

I've been meaning to post a little something about our family vacation to Southeast Alaska (yep, we are now officially those Alaskans who vacation in Alaska).  Being back in Southeast always makes me a little homesick for the ocean.  
And a lot homesick for family

Now that several of my siblings have young families of their own, I really wish we could be closer, so that Sadie and Eli could see their cousins more than a couple times a year (and I could see my brothers and sisters!)  But, heck... we'll take what we can get.  It's no picnic traveling with the small ones.  There were viruses and teething miseries and sea sickness and tantrums a plenty on this trip, but still it was lovely in it's own respect.
There was the gift of time spent with loved ones--both family and dear friends.  Breathing in that Southeast aroma of cedar and moss. There was delicious venison roasts and mom-made meals a-plenty. It was so nice to just be there and be present with family that I actually did a very crappy job at photo documenting the trip.  You know, sometimes it's good not to have a camera stuck to your face every moment of the day just in case something cute or memorable happens.
There were friends to be made--both furry and feathered
and grandparents to converse, play with and snuggle with. 
The kids loved it, although on the last day Sadie got very homesick "for her chickens." 
After several weeks away it felt sad, but good to come home to our own place and fall back into familiar routines.  Our dry-bags are unpacked and our hearts are full of happy memories. 
And that is where we find ourselves this mid December, with a healthy dose of elving happening and lots of time spent building new holiday traditions of our own.  
Merry. Merry. Merry.


  1. Awww, glad you had fun in Ketchikan! These pictures are ADORABLE!! I love the ones of Sadie holding the cat and then the look on her face with the ducks (geese?)!! Love the family photo at the end, too!

  2. Wonderful photos. Glowing memories. Family...a precious gift that keeps on giving. Very merry indeed!