Monday, November 11, 2013

sliding into winter

This morning we awoke to the first snow of the season.  Perfect. White. Still. "Do you want to go sledding today?" Loren asks Sadie.  "Yes!" She shouts enthusiastically, "and find a Christmas tree and eat candy canes!" 
Eli goes to the door and gets his boots.  This is probably the first winter for him as far as memory serves, as bundled up & backpacked as we kept him last year. This season, he is ready to dive head first into winter.  Literally.  That is his way, this funny little guy of ours.
I'm ready for winter too.  This next few months is going to be a whirlwind of non-stop holiday delight and family merry-making, peppered with some much anticipated travel to the far off exotic shores of Southeast Alaska.
I used to dread Alaska's long winters, but something about having children has just re-invented holiday cheer for me.  The gift of seeing the marvels of the changing seasons through their young eyes is a treasure beyond anything I could have dreamed up myself.
Its funny how just a little shift in perspective can change your entire outlook on something.
until one day you wake up and find yourself saying the exact words you swore you never would.

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  1. delightful memories...
    Looking forward to enjoying what the season brings with you all.