Monday, June 10, 2013

the chicken whisperer

When we decided to get chickens Sadie was excited for weeks in advance.  I kind of wondered if this would be the kind of thing where the chicks would get here and it would be all cute and fluffy wonderfulness for a week and then... old news.

No sir.  This girl of mine is the self proclaimed chicken mama.  The first question in the morning is "can we hold chickens after breakfast?"  And sometimes she even talks to them at night in her sleep.

All day long, as we work outside on garden or yard projects she has a chicken in tow.  Sometimes the extra-loud peeping requires a gentle refresher on chicken-holding etiquette, but for the most part, the chickens love her.  She seems to have a calming effect on them--even when she sets them in random trees around the property, or in a dog dish, in the stroller, parked inside the garage. true story.

Learning the care of other living things is such a simple, yet infinitely complex and interesting business.  I am reminded of that every day.  And for this little chicken mama, it seems to do her soul good.  The good will seems to be catching...I caught her voluntarily giving little brother licks off a most coveted popsicle today while no one was looking.

shhhhhh....I never told.


  1. Sweetness personified! :)

  2. Love it! Blaine gets mad when I call his peeps chickens. "They are PEEPS!" He is not as attached as Sadie but he has less access bc they are in a rolling cage.

  3. too funny... I love the terms these guys come up with. Sadie has named all the chickens fluffy. Every one. They are not fluffy anymore, but it doesn't matter. Did you guys ever figure out what made all those chickens disappear?!