Friday, June 14, 2013

short & sweet summer smock

I finally got my sewing machine out...since moving from Nome--hello old friend!  The first thing I did was to figure out how to sew a rolled hem on rayon crepe (hemming some pants for an amazing lady who is about to turn 90!) and then, to restore my sanity, I jumped right into this project:

I spotted these frocks on zulily a while back, and I though they would be fairly simple to make... but then to make things even simpler my mom found a vintage simplicity pattern at the thrift store and mailed it to me.  And there it sat on the shelf, just waiting for a week of 75 degree weather and the realization that my girl's summer wardrobe is still a little on the Nome side of things {long-sleeved t-shirts and sweatpants in case you're wondering}
Since the pattern was in 12 month size I just sized it up to fit this girl.  This is seriously the easiest thing ever to sew.  It is just one big piece of fabric that wraps around the back and buckles over the shoulders.  Brilliant, like many things invented in the 70's.
And so sweet.
This is going to be my new go-to gift for all summertime girls under the age of 6.
And the best part... 
besides the adorable model, ahem,
It's totally reversible!
so when your kid melts an entire popsicle down the front of it is ready for a fresh new look, just flip it around and voila!
 On a totally unrelated note, I'm totally diggin' this troleus garden that the previous owners of the house put in.  Globe flowers are pretty much summer embodied. 

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  1. Adorable. I like the smock, too. Sewing for little girls is SO much fun!

    Aunt Devon