Monday, April 1, 2013

Eli at 7 months

 This busy boy is 7-months-old today {well, technically, yesterday} This month Eli has mastered crawling and pulling himself up to standing and getting stuck there.  His favorite objects of attraction are the fireplace, the vacuum cleaner and the electrical outlets.  Coming in a close second are wheels, fans, and trucks.  He still doesn't like to eat babyfood, but he does like to chew on broccoli florets and drink broth.  He also tried some cheesy, milk-ladden potato soup when mom wasn't looking.  According to Sadie, he really liked it--but according to how much he threw up afterward, his tummy didn't.  Maybe he's just sticking to his breastmilk diet until he can enjoy the real good stuff.

He has also decided to stay true to Auntie Kiki's predictions, and is growing in a thick mop of this strawberry blond hair.  It's preeety cute.   This month he has developed a bit of separation anxiety, and his favorite place to be is in mom & dad's arms...but he warms up pretty quick to grandparents, aunties and uncles... not nearly as reserved as I remember Sadie being--as in--Eli actually will let someone besides me hold him.
Which is nice. So are all the cute babbling sounds that he makes... and the happy morning baby bear maulings that are appreciated by everyone... well, everyone except my little non-morning person, who pulls the blankets up over her head and says, "Just drink your milk Eli."
What can I say Eli--mornings just aren't everyone's thing.
Happy monthiversary Eli, we do love you so.

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