Saturday, March 30, 2013

vegetable dyed easter eggs

Sadie and I tried out some vegetable dye ideas for our Easter eggs this year--I love the way the colors came out on these.  They really aren't hard to do either; they just require a smidgen of patience, because they need to soak in their color baths for about 15 hours.  But it's so sciencey and fun--and the unveiling of the final colored eggs was well worth the wait!
The basic dye "recipe" which is really more of a process is this:
2 cups water 
1 T. vinegar
coloring agents:
blue: 5+ red cabbage leaves, 
yellow: 3T. Turmeric, 
Purple & Grey (same dye, one egg was white, one egg was brown to start) 
2 whole beets+1/2 cup wild blueberry, 
Khaki Brown: 1 red onion skin +2T. Dill seed, 
orange (light & dark): 3 yellow onion skins, plus 4 green carrot tops

Add water, eggs, vinegar and plant material/spices together in a sauce pan, bring to boil, simmer for 11 minutes.  Carefully pour all of the ingredients into a mason jar.  Add eggs in last, with a spoon so they don't crack.  Let sit on the counter till cool, then put in fridge for the next 15 hours or so.  Open jars, scoop out beautiful eggs.  Let dry on paper towels (don't scrub or wash!)

Have a very happy Easter!


  1. those are gorgeous! I would love to see the color of the eggs underneath too :)

    1. With the exception of one, the eggs were all white, but after I saw how cool the brown one looked (totally different from the white one dyed in the same pot) I think it would be cool to do half brown & half white. Maybe next year.