Thursday, March 7, 2013

sweet potato soup with ginger and vanilla

As queen of the kitchen, I have decreed that here-to-fore Thursdays will be soup days in our house.  Anyone who doesn't like it is welcome to cook dinner...anyone, anyone?
Well,  since we have no takers, let me tell you about the soup I made today.
This soup was downright serendipitous.  I stumbled upon the recipe on foodgawker this morning, and since I miraculously had every single ingredient for it in my CSA box that I picked up today, I was thinking this soup and me...well... we were just meant for each other. The author of this soup {recipe found here} describes it as, "vanilla bean and ginger holding hands in a field of sweet potato, with pretty bursts of lime lighting their way, and just a touch of heat."

Now isn't that real nice? You know what else is real nice?  This soup.  Seriously, my taste buds can't decide if it's dinner...or dessert.  I think I might just need to have another bowl so I can make up my mind.  You should make you some too.  It is really quick and easy and aside from vanilla beans there are no fancy or shmancy ingredients. Happy soup Thursday, from my kitchen to yours {which is probably a lot cleaner than mine}

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