Thursday, March 7, 2013

a week in the Paleo

I have officially finished my first week of the Paleo challenge.  I haven't been perfect--I can say I've honestly eaten about 85% paleo but totally gluten free this week.  I was a little worried because it seemed like I had a little dip in my milk supply after a couple days, so I added in a few more good carbs like chocolate chips sweet potatoes, potatoes dates and bananas.  Things seemed to level out just fine after that.  I still have plenty of milk to feed my giant baby, in fact he seems to be less fussy and gassy in general. 
I know they call this a challenge, but honestly, after mourning the dissapearence of my breakfasty carbs for a couple days I feel totally fine.  I really am not missing anything, and since this isn't really a diet in the sense that you can eat however much you want, I don't ever feel hungry.  It is a strange phenomenon that if you are eating the right things your body actually doesn't have any weird cravings and you end up eating less but feeling fuller.  That's how my week has been, and we have enjoyed some delicious meals as a family: bacon & eggs, hawaii-style caribou ribs & greens, chicken & spinach coconut curry, bacon-avocado & mushroom omlettes, moose sausage breakfast skillet, shrimp and broccoli in dill butter...come on, who wouldn't want to eat this stuff? For snacks I've been having apples & almond butter, cashews and dried fruit and lots of fresh veggies.  I feel awesomely energetic, and the few times I've slipped up and eaten something that wasn't part of the plan I didn't get all down on myself--I guess because this isn't a diet, it's more of a lifestyle change and it just feels natural to ease in to it.  I've also lost five pounds, which seems crazy to me because I've eaten so much bacon.  I'm not complaining though. Excited to try out some new recipes next week and keep on with this bad mamajama!
Be back next Friday with more unapologetically sloppy food photography.  Be well!

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  1. I have been thinking of doing this for some time so I will be looking forward to your posts! Do you eat any dairy? I think I'd miss my greek yogurt. =(