Thursday, May 31, 2012

summer sewing

This week I have been trying to balance our outside playtime with a little bit of inside sewing (and knitting).  It seems like Sadie has pretty much grown out of all of last summer's clothes, and its almost time to put away all the wool and fleece.  This year I have made it a goal to make most of Sadie's clothes--not only to save money, but because it makes it more meaningful to put love and time into things myself.  Not to mention quality control.  There is nothing more disappointing than cheaply made children's clothes--and it seems to be the norm more than the exception these days. If ever there was a population that could really put a garment to the test it must be kids ages 2-7.
I started out with this sweet little summer cardigan (pattern here on Ravelry) This should probably get a blog post all to itself, since it is only the third ever project I have finished knitting. I usually roll with the crochet--but after getting my stash of qiviut back from the mills I have made it my goal to become a more worthy knitter so I can tackle some big projects in the fall. Honestly, the sweater turned out super cute.  Sadie picked out the buttons herself, and it is just perfect to take the chill out of these not-quite-summer mornings. (knitted with superwash merino wool)
Next up, the "super easy linen shirt" pattern from Sewing for Boys--made out of quilting cotton scraps.  Notice Sadie accesorizing with her "Bow like Emmaline."  (Our neighbor's baby has an amazing collection of bow & flower headbands that have become a major fascination for Sadie) This one is made from braided, upcycled t-shirt material and a kansashi flower that my mom made.
And of course, no outfit would be complete without some pants.  These harem pants are made from upcycled shirt sleeves.
The best thing about these pants it they are ridiculously quick and easy to sew (like a 30 minute project--no joke) because all the sewing is pretty much done for you.  Plus, you can't beat the price.
up next... I plan to tackle some of these beautifully soft organic cotton knits that I procured from the amazing (and wallet-shrinking) Spoonflower.  When Sadie saw the one with the horses she points to my sewing machine and goes, "mama, sew."  So maybe she'll get a dress out of that--but I also have plans for some clothes for our newbie--I guess I better get a sewin' since the countdown is on.  30 weeks tomorrow--how the time does fly!


  1. you are incredibly talented!!!!!!! thus sadie is probably the best dressed 1.9 year old i've ever seen! i'm pretty lucky blaine can still fit in his summer clothes from last year AND that we get them all free in a giant hand-me-down box. can't believe you are 30 weeks already! WOA!

  2. Thanks:) Best dressed...maybe not, but certainly in the running for most eclectically dressed! I can't believe that these kiddos are almost two--but it is such a fun, fun age--so I'll take it! Are you guys going to have a big shin-dig for Blaine's two-year-old birthday?

  3. i wouldnt call it big. but there will be a slip and slide for sure!!!!! :)

  4. Mama, sew...awwww!