Thursday, May 10, 2012

My first Waldorf Doll...and maybe my last.

Sadie's 2-year-old birthday is coming up in a couple months, and this year she is suddenly wise to, and intensely fascinated by, all things birthday.  That means I have to actually get it together and throw her a party.  While we aren't generally big party people, and definitely not into showering a kid Sadie's age with a bajillion toys and thingamajigs, I did want her to have a special present. I have been admiring the beautiful handmade Waldorf-style dolls on Etsy for some time now--and I actually ordered the materials to make my own months ago (as a Christmas present) but at the time I was too busy, and morning sick...and Sadie wasn't really into dolls yet.

Fast forward 4 months, and Sadie is all about dolls, and pretend play.  So I decided I better get on this project, in case it was going to take me two months (it actually took me 3 days).  I used the Little Amigo doll pattern from the Sew Liberated book.  I love that book, by the way.  If you are reading this, and interested in making your own doll--Weir Crafts is a great online place to one-stop-shop for all your doll making needs. Anyway, this is what I came up with:

I'm pretty pleased with how it came out for a first attempt...and I have to say, there is a reason these dolls sell for upwards of $100.  They are truly a labor of love.  I had ordered some extra materials thinking I might make a few other dolls to sell at a local shop here, and I already know that isn't going to happen.  I might not love anyone else enough to make them a doll like this until the next baby turns two...or five:)

That being said, making this doll was really fun--a project I could barely put down. And I love that it is made out of all-natural, washable materials (wool, cotton and beeswax) with not a speck of plastic in it.  It is super cuddleable and I think it will be a good buddy for Sadie, especially with all the transitions we have coming up this summer.
Now, I just need to make the doll (and my increasingly taller kid) some clothes.  That project will probably take me the rest of my 2-month time allotment. Seriously.


  1. Sweet!! I have SO looked forward to making a doll for a granddaughter but have't been able to carve out the time. I'm thankful you got there first.