Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Color Palette for Spring

What with the warming weather and all its enticements I have been neglecting the blog lately in favor of more sunshiny pursuits, but let me share with you at least a few snapshots of the spring projects that are cropping up around here.
Porcelain buttons with impressed antique lace (or stamps). Pretty much all I've made in the ceramics studio apart from a bazillion bowls for an upcoming charity event.
Fabric pieced shower curtain. Idea blatantly poached from a notoriously overpriced and trendy catalog ahem, anthropologie. Made a couple months ago for a fraction of the cost--just forgot to blog about it, but still really liking it. It feels so springy! It is also Cash's new fave place to hang out--maybe he likes the way the colors compliment his golden tan.
Some new duds for Sadie--pants and shirt from Sewing for Boys (yes, I know my kid is a girl, but these are comfortable, kid-friendly patterns that let my busy girl move and climb and dance and play the way kids are meant to.) Also, some new tactile experiences.  Sadie is now allowed some limited visitation hours with the button jar, or the marble collection she inherited from her Great Grandma Louise. It is nice that she seems to have finally outgrown the need to put everything in her mouth...mostly.
And lastly, Loren's amazing caribou pho.  Over the last few weeks our family slogged through the epic springtime flu that seems to be making its way around the state. During the course, we ate a lot of soup. Not much good to say about the flu, but this soup deserves to have a blog post all to itself, it's that good. 

That's kind of it.  I guess until the dirty snow and mud give way to some beautiful tundra spring colors I will just have to enjoy these lime greens, vivid blues, and the satisfying rainbow of colors that spills out of the button jar without fail--all with a healthy measure of sunshine added in, of course.  Happy almost May!


  1. Thanks for the new blog,and great ideas, but something is missing: the recipe! (Thank you in advance.)

  2. You'll have to ask Loren for the is his culinary secret:)