Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year from -30

2012 is here and it's cold outside.  -30 in town at the airport right now, much colder where Loren is out hunting.  Hoping he makes it in safe tonight and not too frostbitten.  Sadie and I have been cooped up by the cold weather, and I am sick with the flu. The cold dry weather is kind of awful, except for the amazing fireworks display that comes from the static electricity when we make the bed. 
It is taking lots of imagination and patience to get through these days, that are short, but somehow so long.
We just need another nice big storm to warm things up again!  
Hope you all have a blessed new year,
Love from the frosty north.


  1. i was actually thinking of you guys today when we were outside playing in the 52 (!!!) degree weather. i remembered how that is like your summer time high (!!!!). we are having a crazy crazy year. normally we'd be icefishing and skiing by now, but we haven't seen an inch of ice or snow yet. hrmph. stay warm!

  2. well I guess unseasonably warm weather can be equally disappointing in it's own right. To bad you haven't even been able to break out your skis! Wish we could split the difference around 20 degrees! That would be a nice winter.

  3. Happy New Year! Hope you feel better soon!