Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A space to create.

Finally, I got my craft room all cleaned up, organized and ready for some major crafting.  It is so nice to just have a room that is my own to work in.  No hauling my sewing stuff out to the family table, and hauling it back several times during a project.  A door to shut to keep little fingers from grabbing things they shouldn't... Whew.  I feel relieved.

 Well, maybe I spoke too soon about the last thing .

 But at least everything is in order, where I can find it.
If you need to find me between the hours of bedtime and naptime from now until Christmas, you know where to come looking.
And a sneak peak of what I started working on last night...
Thanks for the awesome kansashi flower clip Mom! It goes perfect with this little gypsy girl dress I sewed. 


  1. Sadie is thinking "damn you mother! I wanted those scissors!"

  2. Beautiful colors! Beautiful Sadie! Now she just needs some big gold hoop earrings (soft clip) and a tambourine! :) Love the flower clip. (What is "Kanshi"?) Did MamaC make it?

  3. Oops! A few letters got dropped! Above should read "What is "Kansashi"?

  4. I sooo need a dedicated craft space. Yours looks amazing! Good for you!