Tuesday, October 18, 2011

15 months

Dear Sadie,
At 15 months you are a bundle of smiles, energy, laughs, noises and a little bit of sass thrown in for good measure.  This month you have added to my grey hair collection by attempting to put everything that you shouldn't in your mouth.  You have managed to eat a rock and some toothpaste, but all things considered, that is not too bad.
Right now, you are all about the making animal noises.  You meow when you want to drink milk or nurse (because, you know, kitty-cats drink milk).  On the flight home from Anchorage last week you chewed on a ball and howled the whole time.  The guy next to me had to ask if you were a little girl or a puppy?  I just tell people my child is being raised by wolves.
You are also very much a girly-girl, in spite of your camo attire. Another favorite activity is putting on pretties like necklaces and scarves and then you ask to get put up on the bathroom counter so you can admire yourself in the mirror.
 And, yes, you are putting on chapstick in this picture, because that is the other thing that you love to do when you are getting dressed up and looking in the mirror.  And when it is time for me to put the chapstick away you always cry. Another fun thing about you right now is that you have to be doing multiple things at the same time.  Holding your crayon while you drink your milk. Putting your stuffed animals "ni-ni" while sitting in my lap, reading a book AND holding a ball. 
See? Getting pretty AND practicing your howling skills.  You can never start the multi-tasking too young. You are also keeping me busy multitasking:  chasing around a crazy tot, cleaning up one mess after another, feeding you constantly AND wondering how it is possible to love a little human more and more every day. Happy 15 months.
Your Mama

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  1. omg i love these pics!!!! i feel sooo horrible i totally forgot today was the 18th until i saw your post!! blaine loves chapstick too. it is so funny how these kids copy what we do.

    happy 15th months sadie!!