Thursday, October 6, 2011

our autumn nature table

Lately I have been inspired by the Waldorf concept of having an ever changing collection of kid-selected, seasonal things grouped together on a table at child's eye level.  We have designated the corner table in the living room to be this table.  Right now we have the tundra terrarium, Sadie's beach rocks (now colored on by crayon) and the assortment of pumpkins Sadie has been picking out on our grocery shopping trips.

That middle pumpkin became a jack-o-lantern a little earlier than planned, since Cash chewed off the stem and part of the top.  Sadie and I had a fun time carving it--she liked digging the seeds out, squishing her hands in the center, feeding the guts from the pumpkin to the chickens, roasting the seeds... I was feeling really proud of our seasonal fun UNTIL I lit the pumpkin up.  Immediately she became terrified of it.  I suspect it will be disappearing from the nature table soon.

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