Friday, July 8, 2011

let's talk about one-year-olds.

One-year-olds are really, really cute.  And sweet.  And they give you the nicest little kisses and hugs.  Their expressions are priceless...

...and if you have a MMU (mobile mess-making unit) like little Sadie here, then you know that one-year-olds have been sent from your future to dismantle your household,  and your sanity, one day at a time.
With a one-year-old you will find yourself asking questions like:
Why is the baking soda in the dryer?
I wonder if birthday candles have any nutritional value?
 Is Sadie actually getting a cell-phone signal on her socks?

 With my new laundry helper will I ever be able to summit Mt. Washmore?
If I follow this trail of discarded toys and books will it lead me back to my sanity?

Is this really the swimsuit Cash would have picked out for himself?

in the words of Sublime... can I just ask,
But I already know the answer to my question...and that's one of the highlights of having a one-year-old, you get to ask yourself some really awesome rhetorical questions.


  1. oh man that totally has been happening here. things from the kitchen are suddenly in my bedroom UNDER my bed. [just how does he still FIT under there?!] and things that were under my bed are in the bathroom behind the toilet. ?!. so fun!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SADIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!