Tuesday, April 19, 2011

midnight marauder

Have I mentioned that we have some pet ravens growing in our yard?  We do.  Usually there are about 12-14 in the "Front Street Raven Gang" that hang out on our roof/porch/yard, but right now we just have one nesting pair (soon to be one squawking, noisy nest of chicks). This is the male one (I think) because he spends more time out of the nest poaching food scraps and qiviut from the muskox hide that is drying on our porch railing.  Let's call him Domingo, for anthropomorphic reasons.

Listen Domingo. I'm a big fan of Raven in general.  You have some awesome folklore attached to you, you're hella smart, I love your shiny black feathers and your bright curious eye, and the whole E.A. Poe connection is also a bonus.  I don't even care that you pull some qiviut out of "Shiny."  Go on ahead and swankify that nest of yours.  All I ask is that you do your qiviut thieving between the hours of 7 am to 10 pm, because when its midnight, and you tap your beak on the hard leather muskox hide the dogs (who are already set to homeland security level: IMPENDING DOOM) think that someone is knocking at the door and go into a barking frenzy.  That in turn, wakes us all up. So you see my problem Domingo?  

Good. I knew you would understand. 
That's so Raven of you.

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