Monday, April 18, 2011

9 months.

Growing Sadie inside my tummy for 9 months seems like it took for ever. But now, nine months on the outside seem to have passed in just the blink of an eye. This girl is just growing up way too fast:
and I'm talking about the girl on the right, in case you were wondering.
Sadie at nine months is a whirlwind of activity: a busy, grabby, babbly, smiley, silly little girl.
Sadie at nine months does what Sadie at eight months did, but she does it better.
She can crawl so fast, and she stands and balances well on her own now.  She has been practicing taking steps--4 or 5 drunken pirate steps at a time, and she will walk all over holding your hand, but it not yet an "independent" walker.  And that's FINE with us.
She is developing a small vocabulary of words that she says with regularity, mostly mamamamamamamamama  but also "dog" "dad, " "boo" and "achickchs."  
Not sure what that last one means, but she has been saying it a lot lately.
She is really, really good at getting into things now.
cupboards, drawers, closets and sometimes small spaces that she cant get out of--Sadie gets into everything.  Then she examines whatever she finds in great detail and....puts it in her mouth.

Another fun thing about this month is that Sadie is starting to become interested in reading books, not just eating them. Right now her favorite is the book Counting Kisses.
She likes it because she gets a lot of kisses whenever we read it to her.
This little 9-month-old makes our lives so bright and rich.  We just love, love. love  her.


  1. happy 9 months sadie!! how cute she's got a little vocab going already! all we have is jibberish but lots of it! lol.

  2. Awww! Just too priceless. Can't wait to see you again, Sweet Sadie Mai!

  3. The closet photo is a crack-up. "Oh, was this off limits? I didn't know." And, you trimmed her bangs. Next thing you'll be giving her a mullet:)

  4. Haha Mom. Although, I will admit, it is fairly difficult to trim baby's hair. We might end up with a mullet one of these days. That closet photo makes me laugh too... it is a classic Sadie face for getting into stuff.

  5. Grandpa Bill and I just "love, love, love," your photos of our precious little girl. Every time he sees new ones, he has to come find me. I HAVE to stop whatever I am doing and "come look right away!" - Your comments bring back so many happy, fun memories of "little Loren" at that age. I would add to MamaC's comment: "But how come?" We heard that constantly!!! and he really did want to know! - Be sure to let us know what "achickchs" means-if you ever find out. It often took months before we found out that "ay pay" was "airplane", "happy birdies" was "happy birthday", and "mohger suhger" was "motor cycle"! :) So, in closing, "Happy Birdies" to sweet Sadie Mai !

  6. Sadie you are too cute for the new hair cut and the new pictures Tara! And Sadie, if your mom ever gives you a mullet, don't be sad because she could have cut all of it off with a promise that it would grow back thicker and curlier...just kidding mom, I loved my boy, I mean, short haircut!!! : )

  7. It is fun trying to figure out what they are saying...hopefully Sadie won't say "frog" like her cousin Killian, which unfortunately came out sounding a little less like frog and a little more like a 4 letter word we don't ever want to hear out of the mouth of our little one...but if she does, don't fret, just be sure not to buy her any frog boots! Those made for some embarrassing public moments ; )

    This mom tip brought to you by Ana : )