Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pottery give-away winner

The winner for the Iditarod pottery give away is......(drum roll please).......

She said the following about her favorite piece of pottery:
"I have a beautiful cobalt blue pottery crock with a lid. It was my great great grandmothers and she brought it over from Ireland with her. The color is amazing so it probably has tons of lead in it, LOL. But, it looks pretty with a bunch of while carnations in it!" 

Congratulations Krista!  I will get that piece of pottery over to your place of employment hopefully sometime this week:)


  1. Gorgeous! Congratulations, Krista!

  2. I had to look twice! Me! I won?! I never win anything! yay. I needed some good karma! Thanks Tara. I love it! (Jumping up and down).