Sunday, March 27, 2011

at least its spring inside.

Sadie's grandma Caroline has been visiting this week and she brought a lovely, bright bunch of tulips to delight the color-starved senses. They are so delightful in fact, that I even caught Cash sniffing them.  I don't care what anyone says, dogs have a soul that appreciates beauty too.

In other news... This little miss took her first (tentative) steps today! Yay Sadie!

Don't be fooled by this toothy grin. The mischief abounds in this one.  Yesterday she tried to eat my Christmas cactus, sending me off into a google vortex of houseplant identification and classification.  Thankfully the S. bridgesii is not a poisonous specimen.  Everyday this little one's reach seems to have gained another inch, so everything I thought was safely stowed is now in grabbing distance again.  
My favorite is when she hears "no-no" she stops, claps for herself, then resumes the off-limits activity.
Welcome to life with a tot.


  1. Shell be a full fledged walker by the summer. Watch out! Adorable pictures of SadIe and Cash. Those flowers are so pretty. I almost ordered flowers from FC farms this week now I wish I had!

  2. Said toothy grin reveals more mischief than not. And doesn't she have her uncle Gabe's blue, blue eyes!