Friday, January 21, 2011

the literary baby

Here is how Sadie likes to read eat her books.  It's a four-step process.
find the book you want

pause to ham it up for the camera a bit

check things out from a different angle

and... wait for it... commence eating book. 


  1. What a cutie patootie! Did you sidecar your crib? It looks awesome!

  2. awh i love those pics!! cute! how much does sadie weigh??

  3. SUGGESTION!! just got done watching that new "Flying Alaska" show and it got me remembering that I literally have like hundreds of questions for you regarding your life in Alaska. you know, like "how do you handle the winters", "how you ended up in nome", "are both you and your hubby born and raised alaskan", "what does he do for a job in nome", etc etc ETC!! soooo, i suggest you do a "Life in Alaska" day once a week. like you said monday would be make-it-yourself, well maybe wed is life in alaska day where you talk about different aspects of your life that are TOTALLY foreign and very interesting to us "lower 48" dwellers. pretty please? :)

    p.s. visiting you in nome with blaine so we can meet you and sadie is totally on my bucket list now ;)

  4. I cannot get over how cuuuuuuuute Sadie's cheeks are! Every picture I want to poke them and listen to her giggle!

  5. basebell, that is a good idea. Although I don't know if my life in Alaska will be as sensational as anything that you will see on Flying Alaska (I think they have filmed a couple episodes of that here in Nome). But what the heck- maybe I will give it a whirl:) You guys should totally come visit Nome. Lots of people like to watch the end of Iditarod here in March, but it is really cold. I personally think that the summer and late fall here is AMAZING. Oh, and Sadie weighs 20 lbs. She is a chunk!

    Thanks Brittany, that is pretty much what I do all day ;)

  6. Bethany, I did sidecar the crib. I love it. It gives us a lot more room, and I don't worry about her falling out of the bed now!

  7. I don't think I could ask for a cuter little niece. I miss you little girl! Love your Aunt Kiki : )