Wednesday, December 15, 2010

thank you Santa (aka Loren)!

Well, I must have been extra good this year because I just got my Christmas present early. Can I just say, IT ROCKS! (and so does my thoughtful husband who knows how much I have been wanting a real camera--sometimes the cell phone camera just doesn't cut it).
so of course, I have been playing with it this morning. Unfortunately the best pictures I shot later this morning were in RAW format which I have no computer software to open (thanks for mentioning that disc tutorial guy!)But here are some of the first ones I took anyway, just for fun.

... today's post has been brought to you by double chins. xxoo


  1. Great chins and photos, Batmom!! (says Grandma who's hanging with the SuperCousin) Looking forward to more!!

  2. Your new camera takes some pretty sweet picts!