Friday, December 17, 2010

the big FIVE.

Tomorrow will mark the five-month anniversary of Sadie's time in the outside world.  To celebrate this milestone here is a list of 5 things that are amazing about her:

1.  THE CURIOSITY--always watching, staring, looking around with those big starry eyes.  She loves to study people, the dogs, her toys, the world around her. Her sense of wonderment is contagious.

2. THE SOUNDTRACK-- Many things Sadie is, but a quiet baby she is not.  She fills our house with delightful shrieks, babbles, coos and sometimes fusses and cries.  She talks to the dogs, says things like HA! at the contextually correct moments--which for all the world sounds like she is saying "hi!" Her snores sound like a distant flock of geese flying south for the winter--and she talks in her sleep in a series of melodic squeeks and growls that sound like whalesongs.

3. THE SNUGGLES--Sadie loves to snuggle. She gets that from her dad, I guess. :) At night she wont sleep unless she has an arm/leg/foot/all of the above snuggled up against a parent.  She is never happier than when being worn around in the Moby Wrap/ Ergo baby carrier-- she just loves to be close to people.

4. THE SKILLS--It seems like every time we turn around she has learned or done something new!  Sadie now sits unassisted, grabs at her toys, reaches for things one handed, rolls over, pivots, scootches and does push-ups.  She grew a tooth this month, and it looks like another one is hot on its heels.  We have gradually been introducing solid foods, so Sadie has tried some bananas, carrots, apples and brown rice.  She still likes milk the best.


need I say more?
We love you Sadie Mai!

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  1. We sure the new pictures Tara, enjoy 5 months!

    ~Aunt Ana (AKA Kiki)