Monday, September 2, 2013

she says...

On Life's Mysteries:

"Mom...nobody knows when or when not they are going to's a mystery.  And not even Huckle {cat from Richard Scary's Busy Town Mysteries} can solve it."

  "Mom, what does God looks like?"  me: "I don't think anyone knows exactly Sadie, what do you think God looks like?" "I think god is kind of bigger than a grownup, but more like a kid"

 On Growing up:

"Mom, what's a submarine?"  after I explain... "I think we should get one of those when I go to college...or maybe a cow?"

Me, "Sadie, what am I going to do when you get to be a grown up lady and you are too big to give me kisses and snuggles."  Sadie {with exasperation} "Mom. When I'm a grown up lady I will be BIGGER, so I can give you BIGGER kisses and snuggles." Duh.

On Family:

 "Oh mom look!" {squeals with delight} a WHOLE family of mushrooms living under this tree! There's a mom a dad and two kids...and {looking at one that's all tipped over} this must be that one guy who always falls down?!"  There's one in every family.

(Dad is trying to explain a character in a owl who is young but also very wise like he's old) Sadie, "So he's kinda like a babka?"


  1. Love,love,love this!!! How priceless! Thank you for sharing these gems. - FYI for other readers: "Babka" is Russian for "Grandma." This is the name Sadie's 90-year old GREAT-grandma (and my awesome mother-in-law) calls herself. What a tribute to her! :)

  2. innocence--so refreshing, so free, so fleeting...