Monday, September 23, 2013

crocheted qiviut hood

 Woke up to snowflakes falling this morning... a perfect opportunity for Sadie to try out the crocheted qiviut hat-hoodie I made for her back in August, when it was way too warm to be modeled.
 This is made from a ravelry pattern, which can be found here.  Overall, it was a very simple crochet took less than a week of here and there working.  I did alter the pattern as I saw some people mentioned the hood in the original pattern was kind of shallow and didn't come forward far enough on their kids' heads.  I added 8 or 10 stitches evenly spaced across the bottom of the hood to accommodate for ponytails and my kids' giant noggins (because I figure when Sadie is done with it Eli can wear it). This alteration made the hood plenty big (as you can see above) Not quite as excessive as, say, the hood of Emperor Palpatine from Starwars, but almost.  Although, all mama biases aside... pretty sure the face peeking out from this hood wont give anyone bad dreams ;)

Nope, just sweetness there! However, it is pretty funny when your kid is old enough to try posing every time you get the camera out.
I tried to sneak a couple of candids though...Here is how the hood should be worn...under a nice winter jacket where the lovely yoke serves as a scarf too (but attached, so one less accessory to keep track of-yay!)
Happy fall time to you readers... may your necks and heads stay toasty warm!

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