Sunday, August 4, 2013

August in the Garden: Flowers and Squash

August is a good month to stop and smell the flowers.
Zinnia Green Envy, Love Lies Bleeding, Rannuncula, Baby's breath & Nasturtium

If I could give awards for the strangest & coolest looking thing I grew this summer it would have to go to the Bells of Ireland,
Accumulator of most biomass in one growing season goes to Borage, as pictured with Sadie for scale.
The sunroom porch is now officially a flower jungle.
Out front in the fern garden is Astilbe, more pink Rannunculas, Zinnia, Calendula, Nasturtium, and the most riotous hot pink geranium I have ever laid eyes on. 
Begonias, Astilbe & more enough strawberries to make this an edible landscape for little grazers.
A wiggle of rannunculas and Papaver somniferum.
 The lovely blue of delphiniums by the front porch.  Pretty even when they are tipping over because you forgot to cage them up...oops.
and out back it's a pumpkin party (top) plus a good bed full of brassicas and some winter squash growing with nasturtiums, rutabega, sweet allysum, and bee balm.
This summer has been ridiculously hot, sunny & gorgeous for Alaska.  I had no expectations of what this gardening adventure would bring, so honestly I feel pleased as punch with what we've come out with so far.  We have enough lettuces and greens to feed an army of rabbits, we have been enjoying broccoli, kale & chard, and will hope to have a few tomatoes and zucchini soon. Sadie constantly grazing on carrots, so even if we don't end up with any big ones, it makes me happy that she is experiencing the marvel of pulling those perfectly delicious little orange baby ones out and munching them as the day goes by.  She is such a wee forager, if she isn't eating carrots you're sure to find her in the raspberry patch. Next year, we are going to get a little more serious about the business of putting food up for the winter.

 It would be amazing if we actually get some squash, or one of our tiny pumpkins grew into something substantial...but hard to say if they will.   There is just a whisper of fall in the air these days.  The fireweed has almost bloomed to the top.  Here and there a golden cottonwood leaf is falling.  How can it be August already?
but August is always my favorite too... So much energy to savor the last and sweetest drops of summer and busily plan for the cool months ahead.
Hard to believe that just this same time last year we were eagerly anticipating the mystery baby:
And now he's nearly one... full of wonder and sweetness, toddling all over the place, saying half-words and starting to look more like a little boy than a baby. 
My oh my, how the seasons do fly.


  1. Thank you for sharing your delightful garden; it makes me smile to envision the wee grazers amongst the flora. You've apparently been gifted with the green thumb. We've noticed the turn of the season here as well. Hoping for a plentitude of winter squash and a second growth of peas. Will you be extending your season with some Asian greens?

  2. O my goodness, how beautiful! And your little girl and boy are just adorable. I just recently had a baby boy myself, which was how I came upon your lovely blog! You now have a new follower :)