Sunday, June 30, 2013

Garden Journal: June 30

Today's garden journal is brought to you by companion planting.  
This winter, I read Carrots Love Tomatoes and did some rough note taking on what grows with what, and what doesn't. all my beds, both vegetable and flower, look like crazy quilts.
and I love it!
All the plants pictured here (with exception of the largest broccoli & caulis) were grown by me, from seed, in our awesome sun room!
Borage, New Zealand Spinach and Sadie's "Rainbow Treasure" strawberries--the blooms are so pretty!

 Cosmos, Zinnias, Forget-me-Nots
 Calendula, green zinnias, and the nasturtiums I didn't think were going to grow (climbing, and vesuvius)
 Tomatoes, the re-do.  Interplanted with Basil that hasn't sprouted yet, and more carrots.
 pumpkins & nasturtiums
 broccoli, veronica, chamomile, cauliflower, Kale, Fennel, dill, lettuce, cabbage, marigolds, calendula, amaranth!
 Lettuce & spinach rainbow!  Salad days are here! Behind it are peas, sunflowers, rutabagas
 and the opposite end is planted with radishes, beets, three types of carrots (45, 65 & 75 day varieties) green onions, marigolds, bee balm and more chamomile--which is just about ready to harvest!

and this chaos... remember the bed I planted with Ranunculas in May?  Well, it looked like they weren't going to grow, so I planted some other stuff... and apparently Sadie did too (nasturtiums!)  And now everything is growing.  There are echinacea, giant zinnias, rannunculas, sweet alysum, strawberries, something from a wildflower mix that are looking like bachelor's buttons,  cosmos, bells of Ireland, forget-me-not, wild bergamont, pink columbine, nasturtiums, and this thing that was so puny and weak when I transplanted it that I though for sure it would kick it:
This picture doesn't do justice to the giganticness of it!  It is Love-Lies-Bleeding (aka amaranth).

 Also, this pineapple ground cherry was almost withered away when I put it in, and it is happily taking up it's own corner and making flowers that may just turn into fruit. 
I guess this is my fable flower bed. It was my home for last-chancers and things I didn't think would grow--and now I'm so pleasantly surprised!  There is even a big old frog living in there eating up bugs.  Must have thought all those nasturtiums were lily-pads!
And that is where things stand in my garden as we enter this lovely month of July.
What a sunny beautiful month June has been--one of the nicest I can remember here in the old AK!

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