Monday, March 25, 2013

this week...

Loren had impromptu surgery from getting an almond stuck in his esophagus...
I tell you, its the little things that make or break your week sometimes.
We cut up two caribou.
 We discovered two more good uses for bacon: 1) wrapped around a fresh caribou tenderloin stuffed with blueberries and blue cheese.  OMGood, and 2) baked inside muffin cups with a cute little egg inside.  Such a perfect little breakfast nest!
 I crocheted a hat for a sweet baby boy

 We enjoyed some good company...some of the best, in fact.
We knocked some more items off the git-er-done house punch list.
We furminated our poor shedding hounds.  
After a snowy adventure outdoors we ended this quiet Sunday with hot chocolate and snuggles. 
All told, not a bad week really.

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  1. Love the sweet picture of Eli and his Great-Grandma Sophie. How wonderful to be so loved by so many generations! (And thanks to you, he will always have this pic to show his future gen's as well.)