Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Elias at four months

At four months old Eli is as jolly and Rubenesque of a baby as you could possibly wish for.  Get a load of those cheeks! No matter how much we nibble them they just keep getting bigger.  (Also, when we do this Sadie scolds us saying, Eli not food!) Big developments this month--Eli really, really wants to sit up and be a part of the upright world.  Still working on that, but at least he thinks the tipovers are good times.  Rolling over is now routine, and the super puking abilities of this kid have been downgraded to just moderate puking.  Other big news, Eli discovered his penis this week, and like 99.9% of all males in the world, he is pretty excited about it.  It sure makes diaper changes interesting, I'll give you that.  This kid has a good sense of humor, and his favorite comedian at the moment is his sister.  It doesn't matter what she does, it gets him to chuckling, which makes her laugh, which is a sweet sound to this mama's ears.  Happy four months of life little big guy, we sure do love you!

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  1. So sweet! He's looking like many of Sadie's pics at that age. Grandma Caroline