Sunday, August 19, 2012


It's been awhile since I've hopped on ye old bloge.  I've been busy, and preoccupied trying to put the finishing touches on this human I'm growing.  I am also away from home--and my camera doesn't sync with this here pc...and blogging without pictures is just not as satisfying somehow.  I can promise I will be on here again soon though, with LOTS of pictures.

For now, I am just in the big city, waiting and waiting the arrival of this new little one.  We came down here at 37 1/2 weeks after the baby seemed tempted to make an early appearance, but now on my "official" due date, there seems to be little chance of that.  I remember going overdue with Sadie was so discouraging and disappointing.  Somehow this time it doesn't seem bad.  Maybe it's because I have an awesome kid and husband to hang out with to keep me busy.  Maybe it's because Sadie is going through an amazing language development burst, and getting a glimpse of the way she processes the world every day is a small miracle, if not at least a delightful distraction.  To top it off, I have been blessed with a real second wind this last week.  I feel really, well, dare I say good?  Good enough to go on a 5 mile hike through beautiful birch forest yesterday, and to hit up a farmers market and enjoy a wonderful dinner replete with lots of fresh, delicious veggies.

I guess if you're going to have to wait, you may as well do it in style (and in the relaxing environment of Babka Sophie's house). So this is where we will be until the new little one decides to make his/her grand entrance.  Many blessings to you all as August winds down into early fall.


  1. HAPPY DUE DATE!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy the 'vacation' from home! :)

  2. You have to be THE most patient "Over-due-Mama" I have ever known, or known about ! - Continuing our prayers for you and yours, Grandma Caroline